Foreclosure Services that protect your interests.

In the midst of a foreclosure crisis, MLG handles foreclosures in timely manner while also looking for alternatives that protect your investment. We specialize in all areas of the foreclosure process including, but not limited to: preparation of Demand or Fair Debt Letter, filing and proper Service of Summons and Complaint, review and clearing of Title Report, scheduling Sale, preparation of Notice of Sale and Terms of Conditions of Sale, and the preparation/recording of Certificate of Title and Foreclosure Deed.


We understand that Home Retention and Loss Mitigation are of great importance to our lending clients, and we can play an integral part in keeping a borrower in their home. We believe it’s not only our job, it’s our responsibility. We work closely with our clients to implement and discover creative and effective processes to ensure that all potential home retention and loss mitigation opportunities are presented to both the lender and borrower at the earliest phase of the process.  MLG acts as a liaison between borrowers and lenders so that a mutually beneficial solution can be reached, short of foreclosure.

Here is how we can help:

  • A Home Retention/Loss Mitigation letter is sent immediately upon receipt of a referral. This letter will outline and educate a borrower on many of the most popular resolutions such as workouts, loan modifications, short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, and forbearance agreements. The letter will contain the name(s) and contact information for our Home Retention/Loss Mitigation specialist(s) who are responsive and available when a borrower calls.
  • We obtain prior authorization from clients to enter into forbearance/repayment agreements directly with a borrower while we have them on the telephone.
  • All Home Retention/Loss Mitigation leads are presented to our clients in a timely fashion for optimal results. We have set up a hot transfer telephone line, where upon receipt of a telephone call from a borrower, we have the ability to transfer them directly to a live representative at the Lender’s office to discuss a resolution.
  • Upon receipt of notification by a borrower’s counsel that they intend to file bankruptcy, we immediately discuss other alternatives. Many times, a borrower and their counsel believe filing bankruptcy is the only way to stop a foreclosure. In many instances, we have found that once we outline other possible solutions, a bankruptcy filing is avoided.
  • As with all other areas of our firm, communication is the foundation of our practice. In speaking with so many borrowers, a common complaint of the typical process is that no one returns a call or they get lost in automated voice systems. Our team is acutely aware of the need to be responsive and the benefits it can produce. We have built our reputation on the fact that we are accessible and that you will always receive a response from our office no later than 24 hours from when your call is placed, whether you are a client or a borrower.