Eviction Services that resolve matters professionally, quickly.

In today’s climate, evictions are becoming increasingly more difficult. However, our success in our loss mitigation efforts shows that 75-80% of our eviction matters are resolved without a courtroom appearance.

We understand that once a client takes a property into its REO portfolio that time is of the essence to get that property sold. If the property is occupied, an eviction action must be started immediately. Because sympathetic judges have made evictions more difficult, we have developed creative and effective solutions to ensure an unoccupied property before any hearing.

Our Eviction Services include but are not limited to Service of Notice to Quit, request Writ of Possession, request the eviction, filing and service of the Summons and Lockout.

Here is how we can help:

  • Upon receipt of the referral, correspondence is sent to the property address advising the occupants that ownership of the property has changed and that they will need to relocate. The letter also notifies the occupants that they may be eligible for re-location assistance and provides a short window by which the occupant must contact our office to discuss this option. This letter serves two purposes. First, upon calling our office we are able to obtain accurate occupant information which aids in expediting our eviction process. Second, and more importantly, it initiates discussion about possible resolution of the matter short of eviction proceedings.
  • We aggressively pursue “cash for keys” and/or Agreements for Judgment. We will continue to work these options while simultaneously proceeding with the eviction action. We have fostered successful working relationships with our local brokers which has aided in a large percentage of “cash for keys” agreements.
  • We maintain diligent contact with the occupants of the property throughout the eviction process with the hope that we can obtain Agreements for Judgment prior to hearing.
  • At the conclusion of the foreclosure, if a former owner/and or existing tenant inquires about re-purchasing the property, all information is immediately forwarded to the client for review. We will advise the client of the possible reasons why the offer should be accepted (i.e. condition of the property, decline in fair market value, climate and trends of the housing market in our area).

OBSTACLES: Condition and occupant information

Lack of information on the condition of a property and whether there are housing code violations can be a major obstacle. Tenant attorneys use these issues in separate legal actions and thus delay eviction. This lack of information can also make informed decision making nearly impossible.

To overcome these challenges, we ensure our clients have all relevant information the moment they take ownership. First, we work with local brokers to obtain as much information as we can about the property upon receipt of the referral. Next, we initiate contact with the local city or town department of inspections and standards to determine if there are any violations of record. These simple steps enable our clients to proactively protect their interests and fix code violations before they give rise to litigation, saving them time and money.

A second obstacle is obtaining accurate occupant information. Lack of information about who is residing in a property can cause a great delay in an eviction action. Again, we work hand in hand with the local brokers to obtain this information and if we still have difficulty, we enlist the assistance of local sheriffs/constables who will conduct an investigation for a nominal fee.

It is only with cooperation between your lawyers and local brokers that a quick resolution can be achieved. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed which continue to serve us well.